Great website for teaching littlies about healthy eating and the food pyramid is a fabulous interactive site that deals with healthy eating.  It has various activities, printable worksheets and online games.  Visit the Grade 2 Technoboffin page to see how we implemented the site.


Photostory on the properties of Mathematical shapes

The Grade 3 Technoboffins recently made Photostories on the properties of mathematical shapes.  This lesson was interesting, fun and the students learned a lot of new skills.  Some of the students brought their cameras to school.  They were challenged to take photos of 2D and 3D mathematical shapes  in their classroom and on the playground. 

Then they used a Microsoft Free Tool calles Photostory 3 to create their Photostories.  This programme is easy to use and they loved recording their own voices and creating their own music.  The programme saves the story as a Windows Mediaplayer file which is then viewed as a movie.  Here is one example for you to view:

Story and wordsearch for Afrikaans vocab on “Seediere”

Take a peek at the Grade 2 Technoboffins’ page to make use of the story and activity sheet!  They absolutely loved reading the story out loud and being able to “page” through the book on the computer was an added bonus.

To create a book similar to this one, start by making a Powerpoint slideshow.  One slide for every page.  Then load the slideshow onto and voila.  You very own ebook with it’s own webpage link!