Kiddie friendly online pirate info

Our Grade 2 Technoboffins LOVE their pirate theme, so we decided to do a webquest around it.  In the webquest, each student is assigned a “job”.

 The Costume Designers research what pirates used to wear.  The Galley Cooks research what pirates used to eat.  The Translators research how pirates used to speak.  The Weapons Expert research what weapons pirates used.

Then only did we find how hard it is to find kiddie friendly pirate websites with a decent amount of information.  So I used a few websites to create my own!  The books are easy to read and would make great resources for a wide variety of activities:

Free software with educational games for 6-10 yr olds

GCompris software offers a variety of educational games that is suitable for Technoboffins from Grade 1 to 3.  The games practise mouse and keyboard skills, as well as Literacy and Numeracy skills.  It offers more games in a Linux download, but the Windows download still has plenty to go around.

Just one of the many sites where one could download GCompris: