Augmented Reality with Aurasma

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 6.08.44 PM

Have you ever looked at a poster, read the instuctions on it and still did not quite know what to do?

Say hello to Aurasma, world! The latest and greatest free app has had me hooked to my iPad for the last 2 days 🙂

Our Grade 3’s have been iPadding along this year and I created ‘How to’ classroom posters to remind them how to connect to the wi-fi, download work and print from the iPads.

Here is how I did it:

1. I downloaded the Aurasma app on my iPad mini

2. I created videos of myself explaining how to connect to the wi-fi, download work from WebDav Nav and how to print from the iPad using Papercut.

3. I opened the Aurasma app and followed all the steps to create a public aura.

One slight hick-up I had: even though I made my aura’s public and the students aimed their iPads at the trigger image, it would not load. After extensive Googling, I learnt that all auras remain local to your device.

Instead of creating channels, my kids just searched for my account name (deidreb) and after following me, they could access my public auras just fine.

iPad_Printing          How_To_Wifi_Connect         How_To_WebDav_Retrieve_work