iPad Lock Screen Wallpaper

iPad_Rules_BackgroundWe decided to use our ‘iPad Care Instructions’ as a Lock Screen Wallpaper on all our school owned shared devices. I used Publisher to create the document and saved it as a jpeg to my camera roll.

To set as the Lock Screen Wallpaper:

Tap on Settings, Wallpapers & Brightness, Choose a New Wallpaper. Choose the photo from the camera roll and set as Lock Screen.

I had to ‘pinch’ to adjust the size of the jpeg, but it uploaded just fine.

A huge thank you to Laura Strickland from MyCuteGraphics for the wonderful clip art and backgrounds. www.mycutegraphics.com


Doodle into Spring

Creative Writing just got a whole lot more digitally creative when our Grade 3’s composed their own Spring poems. We thoroughly enjoyed using the app Doodle Buddy for our inspiring creations!

doodle falon doodle_buddy           courtney

ClassDojo Rocks!

We have been using ClassDojo in our Grade 3 Kingfisher class.  ClassDojo is a behaviour management tool for the classroom. Each student has a profile – complete with their own avatar – to which teachers can assign positive and negative points (or ‘dojos‘) throughout the lesson. Teachers can share this information with parents. Check it out www.classdojo.com 

Here are just some of the MANY reasons our students at Elkanah House absolutely adores ClassDojo:

2       3Capture    4    5     7   8    9    6

Afrikaans lesson – Keynote and Explain Everything

Our Technoboffins had fun this week creating Keynote presentations on Plaasdiere (Farm Animals). We used the app Explain Everything to convert our Keynote into a movie and to add music. This is a first attempt and we are sure that with time we will get much better! But we had a grand old-time just playing around and giving the learners a chance to familiarise themselves with the apps. Check it out on Vimeo! https://vimeo.com/105340119

Plaasdiere5   Plaasdiere4   Plaasdiere3   Plaasdiere2   Plaasdiere1