How to eat a Gingerbread Cookie

Our Grade 1’s are iPadding! Yeah!

And what a better way to start than with a hands-on Creative Writing Lesson.

The learners first decorated a Gingerbread Cookie of their own with various yummy treats.


They then had to think in which sequence they would eat their Gingerbread Cookie. We specifically brought in some ordinal numbers to consolidate Numeracy concepts taught. They each received a little sheet on which they could write and draw.

They then took photos of each other eating the Gingerbread Cookies – probably by far the best part! ūüėČ

Using the app Explain Everything, we then imported the photos and the learners had to narrate their photos.

IMG_2033   IMG_2060

Click HERE to see an example of our work!


Collaborative QR Codes with Google Docs

We are loving using Google Apps for Education on our  iPads!

Our Grade 3 teachers are very creative and they decided that the learners needed to collaborate.

2015-09-08_21.46.28    2015-09-08_21.48.03

They shared a Collaborative Doc with the kids Рconsisting of 8 tables (one on a page) that had to be completed. Each table covered different sections of information about South Africa e.g. Food, Culture, Provinces etc. They then divided the class into 8 groups and each group had to research and find info related to their section. One QR code was inserted into each section to steer the learners in the right direction.

During our IT lesson in the IT lab, the learners then accessed the Shared Doc and created a slide show on Google Slides which showcased our beautiful country.

2015-09-08_21.47.36    2015-09-08_21.47.04food    important people