Grade R

Meet our new 2015 Grade R superstars!

Aaaaaannnnnnnddddd, they are off! Term 2 is here and we have started our IT lessons with our Grade R’s. During our first lesson, we introduced them to the basic hardware of a computer. We then taught them the basic click and click&drag skills and through a series of games on GCompris, they then had the chance to practice their skills. Soon we will start our Curriculum Integration – so proud of our little superstars!


Formatting Super Stars

After a lovely week of holiday, we are back in the swing of things. To consolidate our formatting skills that we learnt previously, we are revisiting the concept of ‘colouring’ on MS Paint. Just look at these snazzy, happy dinosaurs!

Tristan Mpho LiamR     gradeR dinosaurs


Double Click Reptiles

Our Grade R’s have come such a long way this year and they are really progressing at a rapid rate!
This week we introduced the Grade R’s to the wonderful skill of double clicking. As a fun way to practice our skills, we completed a pictograph about Reptiles on MS Excel.
The learners had to double-click and type the number of reptiles that they could count. We then consolidated our newly learnt skill by playing some double-clicking games.

Spring has Sprung


After a very cold, wet Winter in Cape Town, we are all just too happy that Spring has sprung 🙂

Our Grade R’s started a new theme all about Spring. How fitting then to read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle.

We have also been focussing on sequencing and number names in Mathematics, so decided to integrate some Numeracy, Literacy and Life Skills into our IT lesson.

The learners watched a short video clip of Eric Carle reading his very famous story. They then had to sequence the food the Caterpillar ate according to the days of the week.

Very clever Grade R learners that we have here at Elkanah House!

We know our Consonant Chart!

We use THRASS (Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills) at our school. Our Grade R’s are hard at work

learning all about Consonants and matching the Key Grapheme to the Picture Card.

We used MS Word to click and drag the Picture Card to the corresponding Key Grapheme.


Four Fine Friends and Paint

4 Fine Friends

Our little Grade R’s are learning all about the dentist and oral hygiene.

It the IT room we introduced  them to the wonderful world of MS Paint.

The children had to use the formatting toolbar to colour in their drawing.

We focused on the basic IT skills – click, click and drag and double click.

Grade R dentistGrade R dentist 2

Learning the alphabet

The Starfall website offers a wonderful variety of activities to teach each letter of the alphabet.  There are words and songs and dancing animals and games!






Too young for using the computer?  No way!  Our Grade R kiddies became Technoboffins in October of this year and loving every minute of it.  There are some wonderful educational tools out there to make learning even more fun.


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