Publisher Pet Shop Book

Our little Grade 1’s are on a roll! This week they had the chance to create their own ‘Pet Shop Books’  in MS Publisher. 

   Our theme on Money was well integrated when the learners had to choose a price for the animal, move their pictures and format the font and images.  

They alo consolidated the reading of their sight words.

Listen, think, click!

pic collage 1

‘Please insert a hexagon above the octagon’ was but one of the many instructions that our Grade 1’s had to follow when we completed a listening activity in the IT lab today. They have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes in class. By using a Cube template, we created a ‘Shapes Dice’. The learners had to insert and format the shapes themselves. They also had to double-click to type the name of each shape. By using Mathematical Language e.g. ‘above, below, next to’ we also challenged our learners to become critical thinkers. After printing, they have to fold and glue all the sides together and voila, an instant Math game created. 🙂

Lovely Life Cycles

life cycles     Capture

We have been working hard at consolidating all our learning done to date. This week, we challenged our learners to use all the basic IT skills that they learnt so far this year by creating a lovely Life Cycle for the butterfly or frog.

This included:

  • Inserting/formatting pictures
  • Inserting/formatting shapes

Our little Grade 1’s can be proud of the wonderful work that they have done!

What I want to be when I grow up….

Our Grade 1’s covered the theme ‘What do I want to be when I grow up’. They looked at different  key roles and responsibilities of various Careers.

Careers Wordsearch

In the IT room we created a Wordsearch on Excel. The learners had to find the hidden words, highlight it and change the font, font colour and text size. We then had pictures that they had to move and resize to decorate their Wordsearch. Our faster learners even had the chance to put a border around their pictures! Through this activity, we consolidated a whole lot of basic IT skills that we have been learning throughout the year.



Our Grade 1’s are learning all about ‘Groente en Vrugte’ in their Afrikaans lessons. Using MS Word, we created 13 different Bingo cards and each child opened a different card. The teacher called out the words and the learners had to ‘fill’ the corresponding block. A fun, interactive way to learn the new vocabulary!



We are Touch Typing!

To succeed in a technologically driven world, it is imperative for our learners to learn the necessary computer skills that will enable them to not only become Digitally Efficient but the best Technoboffins they can possibly be. With this in mind, we introduced Touch Typing to our Grade 1’s. The benefits of Touch Typing includes:

  • Letter Recognition
  • Increased Speed of Input
  • Increased Accuracy

Typing Master!Typing Master!

For more info on the What, Where, Why and How of Touch Typing, please visit


Wide variety of online Numeracy games

I have only recently come across this comprehensive website in my online travels.  It covers a wide range of age groups and Numeracy skills.



FREE Progressive all-in-one phonics reading programme

This simple reading programme offers free downloadable books and matching handwriting worksheets.  It also offers essential sight-words and phonics rule-breakers.  It can be used to teach a child how to read or to improve reading.


Fun Fonix game

Fabulous set of games for Gr1 Technoboffins to practise beginning consonants.  Choose from the games / quizzes.  The words are sounded out clearly.





Excellent reading website

This website offers interactive stories to read for Grade 1 Technoboffins.  It contains moving pictures and will sound out difficult words phonetically.  Fun + educational = effective learning!




Free educational games!

To let your Grade 1 Technoboffin practise their mouse and keyboard skills at home, simply download this free software for hours of fun:

IColorToo is a simple colouring game that practises basic mouse control and a single click.  Dowload it at this link –



Ten Amazing Fruit is a fun fruity game that practises basic mouse control and dragging.  Download it at this link –



GCompris has a fabulous collection of games that practise basic IT- , Numeracy- and Literacy skills.  Download at this link –




Money sums

This site is absolutely brilliant for practicing all aspects of Numeracy, but it is especially useful for money sums.  It is one of the few sites that boasts activities in RAND!  Unfortunately unpaid visitors are only allowed one game per day, but it is well worth it.



Counting and Place Value games

Our Grade 1 Technoboffins really loved crashing cars on one of these counting games!

Watch out that the shark doesn’t eat your boat on one of these place value games!


Holiday time!

So it’s off on holiday for our little ones.  At home there are desperate parents – desperate to find a constructive way to keep their lively youngsters busy.  At school there are hopeful teachers – hopeful that the pupils won’t forget their newly acquired knowledge completely…  As always, technology offers learning disguised as fun.  Here are some useful, educational websites to try during the holidays:

Maths sites:   and

Literacy sites:   and


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