Brilliant Book Reviews

Our Grade 2’s presented an Oral on their favourite book. For Creative Writing, they had a chance to create their own Book Review  on Book Creator. This is a pretty amazing app, Common Sense Media describes it as follows:

Book Creator (called Book Creator for iPad for iOS) is an app where kids and grown-ups alike can create their own e-books. Users pick images, place text, and choose background colors for assembling their book. Images are brought in from your device’s camera roll, and text is typed in the app itself. Images can be resized and repositioned, and text attributes can be changed. Books can have as many pages as needed and are saved as you go.

image2   IMG_1159
Well done, Grade 2’s! We are so proud of how you are integrating the iPads into your learning.

iPad and Google – a lethal combination!

This week our wonderful Grade 2’s had the chance to complete a Cooperative Bird Activity on the iPads, using Google Forms.

The learners had to log onto their very safe myelkanah domain. The link to the Google form was emailed to them.

So basically, it is a listening activity and here is how the Cooperative Bird Activity works:

4 learners are chosen and they each receive a reading piece about the penguin, ostrich, owl or flamingo. They go home and practice the reading piece.

The following day, we divide the class into small groups. Our ‘readers’ find a comfy spot to sit and the groups rotate between the ‘readers’ until they have all learnt all about the 4 birds. As you can imagine, it is a great responsibility to be a ‘reader’ as you need to explain difficult vocabulary to the rest of the class. Also, you need to read in such a way that the other kids remember all the detail about the various birds


Cooperative Bird


The learners are then given the iPad and they had to complete 20 questions about the birds. I downloaded the ‘Add On’ Flubaroo and in the blink of an eye our assessments were exported to an Excel Doc in Google Drive and marked by Flubaroo. Can you say it with me: “We LOVE Google Apps!”


Weaver Class


Sensational Seasons!

pic collage 3

The Grade 2’s are learning all about Direct and Indirect Speech. After listening to a story about ‘The Wind and the Sun’ the learners had the chance to write their own stories.



iPadding Maths Club

2014 – the year of our very much-anticipated Grade 3 iPad roll-out at the Elkanah House Junior campuses. Our Grade 2 teachers each received a device (and continuous training) this year in preparation for our Grade 2 iPad roll-out in 2015.
Ms. Sutherland (our Grade 2 Weavers teachers) thought she’d ‘test the murky iPad waters’ and used her iPad with Apple TV mirroring today to present her Maths Club. Well done, Ms. Sutherland!
math club

Wordle and Thrass

At our school we teach THRASS (Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills). This week, our Grade 2’s
created the most amazing Wordle’s ( using their Thrass and Phonic words.
Wordle2        Wordle

Economic Giants of the future

Our Grade 2’s had their annual Entrepreneurs Day on the 8th of August.
We learnt all about how to market your product. Our Grade 2’s had the chance to create their very own
E-day posters on MS Word. The lesson was a lovely consolidation of work covered earlier in the year e.g.
inserting Shapes, formatting Shapes, inserting pictures and text and formatting pictures and text.

Our Flat Stanleys have travelled from Cape Town to Denmark!

Two weeks ago our Grade 2 Technoboffins have morphed into Flat Stanleys and jumped into an envelope to travel overseas!  The envelope arrived at Vonsild Skole in Denmark this week and we cannot wait to hear all about their adventures when our Flat Stanleys return.
The Vonsild Skole Grade 1 class blog run by their creative teacher, Mr Stefan Nielsen:

Kids Speak Project 2011/2012

 Our Grade 2 Technoboffins took part in a Global Classroom project called Kids Speak!  The project uses Voicethread to allow children from all over the world to ask and answer questions.  Click here to view our contribution:
Practice those bonds!
All Grade 2 Technoboffins enjoy practicing their bonds of 10 in a fun way.  Become a master ghost hunter with this game called Ghostblasters II:


The food pyramid

The Grade 2 Technoboffins learned about the food pyramid and how healthy eating can help them to look after their bodies.  They all had a chance to implement their new knowledge by completing their own food pyramid on Word:    Food pyramid worksheet

Then they visited two pages on an exciting, interactive website.  The one explained more about the food pyramid and the other one helped them to plan their meals in a healthy way: 



Afrikaans lesson on “seediere”

The Grade 2 Technoboffins learned the names of different “seediere” this term.  I wrote this story about a crab looking for his friend Nemo and on his adventure he comes across lots of sea animals.  The story and wordsearch activity aims at consolidating the new vocabulary.



Create a Wordle

The Grade 2’s recently created their own Wordles with phonics words.  A Wordle is a wordcloud created on the internet and it can be printed.  It was a fun and creative way to prepare for their phonics/spelling test the next day. 

 T create a wordle, go to  There’s no need to register, just click on CREATE and away you go!  Type the words with a space inbetween.  Words typed more than once will display bigger.  Then there are some buttons to play with the font. colour and layout. 




Houses slideshows

The Grade 2 Technoboffins’ slideshows:

In class the Grade 2’s have learned all about the different kinds of houses people live in. They read about the different houses on a slideshow and also watched some Youtube clips. Now they know how hard it is to build an igloo and how challenging it can be to live in an informal settlement. They also know all about the world’s most expensive home.  When they had gathered all this information, they created their own slideshows on Powerpoint.  Use these links to view the resources and student work:

The information slideshow: 

The Youtube clips:



Afrikaans stories

The Grade 2’s really enjoyed listening to these Afrikaans stories on!  The stories are easily created by the teacher, so they only contain the necessary vocabulary.  One simply registers on the site, upload pictures, type the words and record your voice.  These two stories focused on familiename, kleure and klere.


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