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Our Grade 3’s started blogging via Kidblog this week! After a very successful outing with ALL of the Elkanah Grade 3 learners (Sunningdale and Blouberg campuses) we decided that it is time to get to know each other before moving on to Grade 4. Kidblog is designed for K-12 teachers who want to provide each student with an individual blog. Students publish posts and participate in academic discussions within a secure classroom blogging community. Teachers maintain complete control over student blogs and user accounts.

We introduced the learners to ‘Responsible Commenting’ and had a go at commenting on each others posts. What fun we had! All comments are moderated by the teachers before being published on the Blog.

kidblog  pic collage 2

Afrikaans Quiz

Our Grade 3’s had so much fun creating an Afrikaans PowerPoint Quiz about ‘My Klaskamer’ (My Classroom). We first wrote our sentences and then took photos with the iPads of various objects in and around our class. We introduced the learners to the PowerPoint Action Buttons – the correct answer to their quiz would hyperlink to the next slide. They even added sounds to the Action Buttons! Take a look at Ross, Kabelo and Brendan’s end product….



“How can we ‘marry’ our IT lab work and our iPad integration?” That was the important question I asked the Grade 3 teachers during our last prep meeting with our main focus being on Project Based Learning. And just look what they came up with:

QR coding Capture

The Grade 3’s prepared and delivered a class oral with ‘Extreme Weather’ as the theme. In Creative Writing, they focused on ‘Question Words’ and brain-stormed 5 questions re: their Extreme Weather event.

Using MS Word, the kids typed and formatted their 5 sentences. In the following lesson, we searched web-pages for answers to our questions and inserted the link to these pages in

We saved our QR codes to our Documents folder and inserted them into our Word Document. We stuck our posters up around the class and the learners could use the iPads to find answers to the Extreme Weather questions.

As this is our first year of our iPad roll-out, I am extremely proud of the teachers for trying a new and exciting project! And the learners absolutely loved the challenge!

Nelson Mandela Wordcloud

Our Grade 3’s have been learning all about our previus president, Mr. Nelson Mandela. After completing thinking maps and a Creative Writing piece, they brain-stormed adjectives that best describes Mr. Mandela. We used these adjectives to create a Wordcloud on


Gratitude Journals using Wallwisher


The Grade 3 Technoboffins wrote short journal entries on things they are grateful for.  They posted them on and everytime they clicked on the Refresh button, their friends’ posts appeared next to theirs.  This is a very useful tool for brainstorming and to give those quiet learners in class a voice as well.  The teacher can also moderate the posts before they appear.  Have a look at our walls – it makes for positive reading!


Diary of an ant

The Blouberg Swallows wrote the most beautiful diaries and then turned them into slideshows!  They worked independently on all the features of the Powerpoint programme and each technoboffin’s slideshow has a unique flavour.  Click on the following links to view their slideshows on Slideboom.  Please note that Slideboom does not always display the fonts selected in the original Powerpoint document.–Nicholas—Tatum-B



Global Lunch Table project

Recently our Grade 3 Technoboffins took part in the Global Lunch table project.  In this project children from around the world share what they eat for lunch every day.  We used Voicethread to record our voices and share what we have for lunch.  Click on this link to view our contribution:




Shape slideshows

The Blouberg Swallows created gorgeous slideshows on the properties of mathematical shapes.  Click on the link to view these slideshows:



Afrikaanse Klere stories

The Grade 3 technoboffins read two Afrikaans stories on that contained vocabulary for somer- en winterklere.   It also included familiename and kleure.  Then they made Powerpoint slideshows with their own Afrikaans sentences.

  • The links to the two stories:

  • Link to view the technoboffins’ slideshows:

  • The dress-up sites where I got the pictures for the stories from:



National Symbols of South Africa

This slideshow was created to teach the basics on our national symbols.  Our Grade 3’s played tour guide and created a brochure in Publisher to teach tourists about our national symbols.




Afrikaanse Plaasdiere storie

Our learners recently learned all the Afrikaans vocabulary surrounding animals.   They listened to a Plaasdiere storie on to help them remember the vocab.  These stories are easily created by the teacher through registering on the site, uploading pictures, typing the words and recording a voice. 



Sunningdale Computer Club stories

The members of this Term2 Computer Club has been extremely busy!  They set out to write a story to read with a Grade 1 pupil by the end of the term.  The stories were written as a Powerpoint slideshow.  Then it was uploaded onto Youblisher to create virtual books.  To read these creative stories, please visit their wiki:



Blouberg Swallows’ Barn Owl stories

We wrote an extra chapter to the book “The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark” by Jill Tomlinson.  The stories were written as Powerpoint slideshows and then Youblisher was used to create cyberbooks.  Go and have a look!


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