iPad Specifications for Grade 4, 2016

We have had a lot of questions re: which iPad to buy for Grade 4.

Herewith, links to to all the details as provided by Mrs. Stadler, the Digital Learning Coordinator for the Senior Primary.

Grade 3_iPad Letter to Parents

Specifications flyer_updated2015

Learning all about Rhinos

Our Grade 3’s have started an 11 week project all about the plight of the Rhino. Through a series of cross platform projects, we hope to raise Rhino awareness. Elkanah has gone Google and through the use of Google Apps for Education, iPads and our Microsoft PC’s in the lab, we hope to create a number of excellent presentations to send out to the world.

Watch this space to see our progress!

Lilitha the Travelling Rhino

Lilitha, the Travelling Rhino is currently visiting our Blouberg Campus. Lilitha has travelled all over the world and we are very proud to be part of her exciting journey!

Our learners had fun learning about Rhino conservation.

1. The teachers gave the learners a secret code with regards to poaching that they had to decipher. The learners had to mail the secret message about the whereabouts of the poachers back to the teachers.

2. They created PicCollages with pictures that they Googled.

3. A new post on Kidblog ensured that the learners shared their highlights of having Lilitha visit!

IMG_1946  IMG_1947  IMG_1948  IMG_1952  IMG_1951  IMG_1949

Click here for more info on Lilitha and the Travelling Rhinos Project!

Important iPad info for 2015

Please take note of the following updated iPad information (for current Gr. 3’s moving on to Gr. 4 in 2015) from Mrs. Karen Stadler, Head of Digital Learning at the Senior Primary.

iPad Update_T4_Gr3

Please contact Mrs. Stadler directly should you have any questions.

Just iPadding along…….

IMG_1282     iPadding

We are trying out a variety of new apps that we loaded onto our shared devices. One of the most popular apps is Bookabi, a fun book creator app.

The apple TV’s makes the sharing/showcasing of our books so much easier! Amazing to see how efficient our Grade 3’s are when asked to ‘mirror’ their work 🙂

Thank YOU Mr. Mandela!

In memory of our late president – some wonderful Photo Collages created on the iPad  using the app PicCollage.

Nelson Mandela Pic Collage

Safety first! Are you raising iPad Aware Kids at home?

iPad Safety Flyer

 Modified from https://www.eanesisd.net/leap/parents/iPadTipsForParents.pdf

For Senior Primary iPad tips, please visit https://www.smore.com/ngggd

For more Digital Learning tips www.commonsensemedia.org

Important information for setting up Restrictions on your child’s iPad to keep them safe.

Elkanah Apple Source_Setting Restrictions

How to set-up ‘Find my iPad’

Elkanah Apple Source_Find my iPad

iPad Specification for Grade 4

Letter from Mr. Arthur Preston

iPad Specifications for Senior Primary

Apps we use in the Grade 3 classrooms:

Grade 3 iPad Apps

Some excellent Apps to use for Gr. R – 2

iPad Apps for Pre-K through 2nd Grade Students

      Courtesy of Richard Byrnehttp://ipadapps4school.com/

Fun with iPads!

Fun with iPads!

Using the iPad as a learning tool.

Using the iPad as a learning tool.

Airplay work via Apple TV

Airplay work via Apple TV


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