Travelling Rhinos

Meet Runi the Extinct Woolly Rhino….


Hi, I am Runi, the Woolly Rhino. My family and I use to live in Northern Europe and Eastern Asia. Unfortunately, we are now extinct and I cannot travel the world with Mrs. Stadlers other rhinos.

Lilitha (one of the very famous Travelling Rhinos) is simply the best and she has offered to visit Russia, the country where I once roamed free, as to raise awareness to the plight of the rhinos. From the highest mountain top in Europe, we would like to let the whole of Europe know:

“Save our African Rhinos! Don’t let them become extinct like all the Woolly Rhinos did!”

The Elkanah learners are going to help Lilitha raise rhino awareness through a series of projects – they sure are Super Stars!

We are very excited to launch our next Project in January 2015!


Name of project:

Lilitha the Travelling Rhino

Website url or blog address:

Description of project:

Runi the Woolly Rhino will narrate various cross-platform (Microsoft & iPad), curriculum integrated tasks to make learners aware of the dwindling Rhino numbers. We will also learn about Russia and the now extinct Woolly Rhino. The grand finale of the whole project is for Lilitha to summit Mount Elbrus in a metaphorical ‘conquering’ of the continent. Through the mountain preparation, learners will then also get the chance to learn about climbing mountains (real or just challenges in life) and what it takes to become a mountaineer and to overcome any obstacle that you might face.

Target Grade levels:

Primary/elementary Gr 3 – 6

How will learners share their learning and communicate in the project:

Wiki ( – platform to share work
Kidblog (individual blogs)
Google Apps (forms, classroom, search)
WebDav Nav
Class Dojo (Teacher Assessment)

How long will the project run?

January – October 2014

What is your handshake activity?

Using Morfo, Runi’s picture will be animated and saved. Using the app Explain Everything, the speaking Runi will explain to the kids how the project is going to work (the iMovie trailer used as an intro) with the various slides detailing the different tasks.
Using the Aurasma app, learners will go on a QR code scavenger hunt to find the name of the mountain that Lilitha will summit and facts about Russia/Elbrus.
A new post on Kidblog will give the learners a chance to introduce themselves to their peers.

What is your guiding question or theme for the project?

Can I create change?

What are your project aims?

1. The amazing Travelling Rhinos project has been running for a while. With a new goal (summitting Mt. Elbrus), we hope to give the project (and the Rhinos) some new awesome bragging rights.
2. Make learners aware that the power of change is in their hands.
3. Raise money for the Rhino fund (Chipembere, Dr. William Fowld’s injection fund)
4. Raise awareness with all teachers, parents, learners involved re: Plight of the Rhino
5. Motivate/inspire/educate learners on how to deal with a challenge. Teach the importance of hard work, dedication, commitment and the belief in a dream.

How will you measure student contribution?

1. Teacher feedback
2. Peer Assessment (Google Form)
3. Self Assessment (Google Form)

How will you assess student involvement?

1. Self Assessment – kidblog post after each task.
2. Peer Assessment – Google Form
3. Teacher assessment – marks given for various learning areas as per Grade Assessment Standards.

How will you celebrate student success and foster self-reflection?

Kidblogpost to reflect on
-“What I liked most/least” of the project
– “What have I learned from the project”
– “What dream do I have to achieve one day, regardless of the ‘mountain’ in front of me”

Celebrating Student Success:
A school outing to Lions Head to actually climb a mountain. 🙂

In collaboration with ‘The Travelling Rhinos Project’, we hope to reach across continents and make more and more people aware of the plight of the Rhinos in Africa.

Follow our blog to stay up to date with our Runi Project as well as other Digital Learning taking place at our school.

You can also follow our teacher, Ms. Deidre Bothma’s blog as she prepares to climb Mt. Elbrus!





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